Forever Entangled - Kathleen Brooks

Forever Entangled

By Kathleen Brooks

  • Release Date: 2015-10-20
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 425 Ratings


Ryan Parker had always loved Sienna Ashton, but gave up on his fantasy years ago. 
After working as an undercover FBI Agent in Los Angeles, Ryan gets a phone call telling him to come home to the small town of Keeneston, Kentucky. The woman he thought he was over is now in serious trouble.

Sienna Ashton fell in love with Ryan Parker too late. He was gone from her life before she realized what he really meant to her. Now working as a sports psychologist, Sienna finds herself helping others figure their lives out. She thinks her chance of happily ever after is long gone until a murder brings Ryan back into her life and entangles them in a battle for their heart and their lives.

Ryan and Sienna discover there is more going on than originally thought and now the two are in the fight of their lives. It doesn't take long for fireworks to ignite as passion and danger drive the couple toward a fate they never saw coming.


  • Support of family

    By Mtgal68
    I liked the characters in small town; such a mix of characters. In small towns everyone does pretty much know each other, especially those so hang out at the spots. I loved the mystery and the fast moving suspense of the terrorists that come to town. Keep everyone in their toes and they definitely have each others’ backs. I could do with less of the races parts.
  • Fun characters

    By 2moody4u
    Great story, fun characters, must read!!
  • Ok read

    By babydans
    It was good to begin with but started to just get boring as it wasn’t very realistic. If they were part of hush hush fbi business it shouldn’t be known to the town. The beginning sucked me in but the rest of the book could have been much better as there was so much potential.
  • Forever entangled

    By IPMPH
    I loved the closeness of he small town, the love of neighbors and yet there was the suspense that drew the town to stand by and help and pull together when needed.
  • Forever entangled

    By zzztyil
  • Great read

    By josvee
    Great read all around. Loved the humor 😂
  • Forever Entangeld

    By Trena10
    Humour-pet- family and friends- romance all intertwined with mystery involving FBI and the Suit. What will happen next?
  • Pleasant surprise

    By Kimbo1216
    I don't often expect very much of the free books I get in iBooks, but this one took me by surprise. I really enjoyed it. I got into the plot. I loved the characters and all their quirks. I liked that there really weren't any detailed sex scenes (mostly fade to black). Just really enjoyed this book.
  • 😂❤️❤️

    By Shaniqua Edmunds
    Love it!!! It made me laugh, cry, gasp!!!
  • Utterly boring and long-winded

    By KellyG198
    Dragged on and on and on....and on. Way, way too detailed. Was the author going for some kind of record for the most characters in a book? The sheer number of characters in this book is ridiculous and just makes staying in the story (and being able to keep track of everyone) annoyingly difficult.